About Us

Walnut Park Technology was founded with the belief that thoughtful technology should not be exclusively for huge corporations. Every organization has unique needs, and Walnut Park is here to support your distinct ways of working. Located in the Dayton, Ohio community, we bring a hands-on approach to technology

Tools for your team

The tools that your team uses should support the way you work, not force you into somebody else's patterns. At Walnut Park we can help you examine your needs and processes and find the tools that are right for you.

Reliability on your scale

Unreliable technology can have real consequences for your effectiveness and hit your budget and bottom line hard. Walnut Park brings years of experience designing reliable, resilient systems with a practical approach that balances costs against risks.

Securing your information

Information security is critical to understand, whether you're protecting customer credit card numbers, tracking donor giving, or providing wifi in a coffee shop. Walnut Park can assess your security standing and practices and help secure your data with confidence.

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