Nook (re)rooting

With a little time to spare over the holidays, I decided to re-root my Nook Simple Touch so that I can read Kindle books in addition to Barnes and Noble-provided books and EPUBs from Project Gutenberg. The process is quite a bit different than the last time I rooted, and although it takes copying an extra image to microSD the results feel more robust.

Salmon Noffbaughs

Apparently, I'm now a food blogger - not sure how that happened. In any case, this is one I make about weekly.

Use wild Pacific if you can get it, and avoid anything that claims to be wild Atlantic salmon, which no longer exists commercially. (We get Trader Joe's frozen Alaskan, because it's already skinned and we can stock up!)

You will need:

Salmon (skinless)
Sea salt
Olive oil
Garlic (crushed, diced, whatever)
Black pepper